Specialized aviation services that help you navigate risk.


Aviation Audits

In highly demanding aviation industries like oil and gas, geophysical exploration, air and passenger transport—risk management is a critical component of doing business. We offer three levels of industry specific auditing programs to help you perform at peak, and achieve your risk management goals.

Desktop audits

Ideal in the event that a quick, yet thorough, aircraft or operator risk evaluation is needed. Includes a questionnaire completed by the Operator, an informal interview and limited solicitation of documentation.

Conventional audits

Includes a questionnaire, on-site facility and aircraft inspections, interviews with key personnel, an assessment of management systems and pilot training records, and a comprehensive post-audit report with findings, recommendations and a Corrective Action Plan.

Enhanced Desktop Audits

Includes a pre-audit questionnaire, documentation solicitation and review, interviews with key operator personnel (via video conference), solicitation of photographic, video, or documentary evidence to substantiate items of concern or emphasis, and a final report with findings, observations and recommendations that detail a Corrective Action Plan. This audit can serve as a basis for reducing on-site verification of risk based concerns, and an opportunity to lower costs while achieving your risk management goals.


Expertise in your industry

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Passenger Transport

Pipeline Patrol & Aerial Observation

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

Helidecks and Airbases


Aviation management consulting

Our aviation consultation services draw on over 20 years of specialized experience in the global aviation industry. We are trusted to deliver practical expertise that is appropriately tailored to meet industry and client-specific needs, and scope of operations.


Echelon is the industry’s professional choice for the following aviation management consulting services:

  • The development and implementation of aviation standards, operations manuals and procedure manuals for aviation-related activities and processes

  • Technical writing

  • Aviation industry advice and consultation

  • HSE policy and procedure documentation

  • Local procedure manual drafting

Your global partners in aviation safety and risk management solutions for over 20 years.


Safety Training and Support

When you work with Echelon, we become your partners in every aspect of aviation safety.

Our commitment starts with training and documentation–we’ll develop a syllabus for flight coordinators, operations coordinators, and ground staff involved in cargo and passenger handling. We’ll provide the training and support necessary using web conferencing and eLearning (LMS) tools for easy remote communication. Our aviation experts will be on hand as SME support for operations training, providing real-world, practical and compliant safety programs. If an incident occurs, we are fully equipped to provide comprehensive incident investigations and reports.


Recognized for our commitment to safety, we've received international HSE awards and the Care+Protect Contractor award for standards of excellence.


Helideck inspection

Our breadth of aviation services include Helideck risk management solutions. We’ll work with you to determine your needs and provide a solution to suit.

We offer safety inspections, design consulting services, comprehensive compliance audits, reporting and documentation. Each service is implemented by an industry expert with acute knowledge of the current safety and compliance standards (UKCAA CAP 437, Norway BSL D 5-1 and ICAO Annex 14 Volume II), and years of highly specialized industry experience.